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Detailed company information:

Company name: SEVITEL Sp. z o.o.
Address: 40-189 Katowice, ul. Leopolda 31
Region: ¶l±skie
Phone: +48 32 258 74 41
Fax: +48 32 200 78 92 ext. 399
Contact person: Marek Kubista
Email: sevitel@sevitel.pl
Contact person doesn't speak English.
Contact through the translator:translate@made-in-poland.info
www: www.sevitel.pl
Company description:
SEVITEL operates in a range of designing, installing and servicing power, communication and telemetry systems. Our offer includes inspections and repairs of the mining safety systems, alarm – broadcasting and dispatching communication systems, spark-safe telephony, gasometric devices and other designed for permanent control and recording the properties of air conditions in mines. The subject of our activity is also designing and installing CCTV systems, Telco and IT networks with power supply and PBX systems.

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Company's products overview:

Microprocessor Wheater Station
MSP-1 Microprocessor Wheater Station MSP-1 allows to measure the absolute pressure, temparature and relative air humidity. The device collects and analyses measured data, archives it, presents it in a graphical form and calculates the trends of the pressure changes. It also allows to spread the measured data about air changes over the Ethernet to interested recipients like ventilation department, mining rescue station, main setter, etc.

Atmosphere Properties Recorder
RPA-1 Atmosphere Properties Recorder allows to measure and record absolute pressure, temperature and relative air humidity. The device is equipped with numeric keyboard and function keys and allows to record number of air nodes and air splits where the measurment is executed. It can be used by the mining ventilation crew to measure air properties in undeground mine workings.

Time Synchronizing Server
SSC-1 Time Synchronizing Server is designed to synchronize time in computers working in local area network. The device uses GPS module to receive the information about current time and sends it to the network. Synchronization is called by the „Synchronizator” software which works under Windows system.

Smoke Sensor
MCD-1 Smoke Sensor is designed to protect mine workings especially band conveyors againts exogenic fire. Sensor is compatible with undeground PBX devices CCD, CCD-1, MCCD-01 with the use of SMP-NT/A system PBX CMC-3MS and CMC-4.

Spark-Safe Distribution Frame
PI/Hxx/Oxx Spark-Safe Distribution Frame is designed to connect spark-safe electrical circuits with the use of telecommunication cables and/or fibreoptic cables. Frames could be installed in mines with methane and/or coal dust explosion risk.

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