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Detailed company information:

Company name: OBRUM
Address: 44-117 Gliwice, ul. Toszecka 102
Region: ¶l±skie
Phone: +48 32 301 94 30
Fax: +48 32 2315887
Contact person:
Email: info@obrum.gliwice.pl
www: www.obrum.gliwice.pl
Company description:
OBRUM Research and Development Centre for Mechanical Appliances is a research and development, modernization and production unit of the defence industry. We conduct various activities for national economy as well as for export. Our main activity field focuses on piece and small lot production of complete mechanical equipment including special purpose equipment and piece production of units in a determined range for companies, who implement our solutions. We also conduct the wide range of research & development activities in order to undertake production of new or updated goods (esp. special purpose vehicles) on an industrial scale.

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Company's products overview:

Power Cutter
PA-120 , PA-120B Power Cutter for Asphalt and Concrete.
The cutter is designed for cutting out the slots in asphalt and concrete at the time of road surface repair. It can be used for cable and pipelines trench making, at the sewer overhaul and similar works requiring cutting out a concrete and asphalt.

SPC Liquid Level Indicator
Application: The optoelectronic liquid level signalling device SPC-... Ex type is designed to be used for signalling of liquid presence at the level as specified. The liquid level signalling device is designed to colaborate with systems for: level regulation, tanks filling and emptying, signalling of liquid presence or absence (optically or/and acoustically). The signalling device can be applied provided that the measured liquid being in direct contact with the gauge parts is chemically neutral against the material the parts are made of. The materials used are as follows: metaplex, polysulphone, acid resistand steel, tarflen, optical and quarte glasses. The signalling device produced as a spark-safe version allows to measure liquid level inside any explosion danger zones

EKO 2000
EKO 2000 System for Organic Wastes Composting.
The EKO 2000 is the globally unique system. Its modular structure makes it free(y movable. Its placement near an area of organic wastes generation or soil contamination with oil processing products decreases costs of compost production or soil cleaning.
The system design allows a longterm life cycle and guaranties reliable operation with minimal spare parts demand. The system requires only one operator and when combined with other devices composing the composting plant (loader, crusher and sieve) - only two operators.

Toother Gear
PKWO-15-29,2 Toother Gear.
Application: PKWO-15-29,2 toother gear is designed to drive a push - plate wall conveyor in coal mines.

Milling Attachment
UK-2300and UK-1400 Milling Attachment for substrate crushing.
Application: The milling attachments UK-2300 and UK-1400 co-operating with tractors make it possible to mechanise many forest works, such as: building roads and firebreaks, levelling, breaking up wood wastes, loosening soil, crushing tree trunks.The attachment can also be used for maintaining farming roads, preparing surfaces of golf courses as well as for rooting out gardening surfaces and preparing terrain for new crops.

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