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Detailed company information:

Company name: ELPLAST+ Sp. z o.o.
Address: 44-336 Jastrzębie Zdrój, ul. Świerczewskiego 8
Region: śląskie
Phone: +48 32 471 80 40
Fax: +48 32 471 10 43
Contact person: Małgorzata Waśniewska
Email: elplast@elplastplus.com.pl
www: www.elplastplus.com.pl
Company description:
ELPLAST+ is a producer of plasticware for building industry, mining industry, telecommunication, agriculture, sports and recreation. We produce: PE and PP pipes, armoured pipes, floor heating pipes, sewage and water-measuring wells, road cones and guide posts, slow-burning and antistatic PE pipes, PE/steel pipes, pipes for preisolation, antistatic containers, telecommunication pipes, wells and dispensers, watering leads, floating platforms, garden furniture. We also offer Victaulic system products, PE and PP pipe connectors and fittings.

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Company's products overview:

Pipes for water-pipe networks
We produce HDPE pipes (PE80 and PE100 class) and LDPE pipes. These pipes are designed for underground and ground-based water supply systems and technological installations. Pipes are produces in following diameter range: 8 – 400mm, SDR 33 – SDR 5 (pressure PN 4 – PN 40), in blue or black with blue stripes.
Plastic furniture
Top diameter – 670mm
Base/footing – 330mm x 330mm
Height – 480mm
Height – 780mm
Seat width – 405mm x 430m

Floating platforms
Our brand-new group of products contains rotoformed PE elements used for building floating platforms. This innovative solution, invented by Connect-A-Dock company, is based on excluding wood and steel materials as highly inefficient and replacing them with esthetic and maintenance-free plastic elements. These elements function both as a float and a modular, easy to assemble construction element. Their durability, esthetic look, safe and hygienic use outclass other solutions.
PP-R pipes
Pressure pipes and PP-R fittings (static Randam copolymer type 3) in diameter range 16mm - 110mm according to PN-EN ISO 15874 standard.
Telecommunication dispensers
We produce single (ZZ-PE-1) and double (ZZ-PE-2) connection PE dispensers used mainly in telco networks.
Dispensers are designed to protect cable box and reserve of fibreoptic cable put in cable pipes. They consist of body and PE cover with welded pipe 160mm. It allows to put 1 (or two) cable box and up to 50m of fibreoptic cable (diameter 15mm) reserve. Front flat inlets in corners allow to connect pipes or cables with standard diameter 32mm and 40mm to the body of dispenser.

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