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Detailed company information:

Company name: Slg Thomas International
Address: 40-085 Katowice, ul. Mickiewicza 29
Region: Śląskie
Phone: +48 32 207 21 93
Contact person: Anna Kaźmierczyk-Słomka
Email: a.slomka@slg.com.pl
Contact person doesn't speak English.
Contact through the translator:translate@made-in-poland.info
www: www.slg.com.pl
Company description:
SLG Thomas International has been operating in Poland since 1994. We are a part of Skandinavska Lediniggruppen. We’ve been drawing on corporate experiences and standards developing our own competences at the same time.
Our mission is to support enterprises and managers in innovative and effective human resource management.
"You'll never achieve real success unless you like what you're doing." Dale Carnegie.

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Company's products overview:

APOS Personal Profile Analysis
Personal Profile Analysis has been designed to identify individual predispositions and capabilities of an employee in the work environment. It provides insight into employee’s potential, strengths, unique behavioural work style and his self-motivators. This professional work-based tool gives organisation a chance of more precise employees selection and more efficient staff management. It combines the elements of both psychological and contemporary business knowlegde.
The description of working position – is created to describe the most desireable characteristics and predispositions, necessary for effective work from the company’s interest point of view
Coach Card
Universal tool which allows to get a lot of valuable information, concerning the way of managing each team member, in a short period of time. Coach Card enables to identify all individual motivators of each employee, to improve communication between the team members, to select the most efficient strategy to manage, communicate and motivate.
Tests for Selestion and Training TST
A battery of normative ability tests measuring fluid intelligence, created for the work environment.
Tests evaluate:
- ability to learn new information
- levels and areas of talents
- mental processing speed and accuracy
- number speed and accuracy
- ability to think logically
- ability of analytical thinking
- verbal reasoning
- ability to retain information
- spatial imagination
PAPOS 360 Perceived Personal Profile Analysis
It is a useful tool which initiates employees’ development through involving managers in giving them feedback. This is a valuable complex and multisource feedback for the person being evaluated. It provides a great support for the employees in improving their competences through appointing coaches for every one of them. It helps to clarify expectations towards employees as well as verify managing styles to become more adequate and efficient.

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