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Detailed company information:

Company name: VidCom.pl Sp. z o.o.
Address: 40-153 Katowice, Al. Korfantego 193
Region: ¶l±skie
Phone: +48 32 730 22 35
Fax: +48 32 730 23 51
Contact person: Darek Ludyga
Email: handlowy@vidcom.pl
www: www.vidcom.pl
Company description:
Vidcom Sp. z o.o. – videoconferencing online. We operate on the new technology market. We offer an innovative system called VidCom.pl to the videoconferencing with advanced funcionality dedicated to the business customers. VidCom.pl allows professional conferencing online with any number of users without any additional expensive equipment. You can use this system for secure communication like Memebers of the Board with Managers, secret and important negotiations. Our system is very secure which is very important according to strategic discussions. As well as above mentioned VidCom.pl allows voting, surveys or tests online. Application is very reliable and carries out the documents sharing, file sharing, White Board (mutual work on the white sheet) or syncronized display of the Power Point presentations. VidCom.pl company is the author of the innovative solutions (e-VideoBOK, e-VideoSklep, e-VideoKonsultant) allowing communication audio/video/text directly from any webpage. We offer also a distance learnig tool called e-VideoLearning which is perfect for online learning with recording option in order to further sharing.

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Company's products overview:

e-VideoLearning allows to organize an Internet training course with unlimited number of users without any specialized technical base. It needs only a computer connected to the Internet with camera and microphone to organize the virtual lecture. With e-VideoLearning you can organize online course any time any place in a flash.
e-VideoBOK – videotalking direct on your webpage! You client or business partner can easily get in touch with you online using audio-video talking or video-chat without need of installing any additional software. During this online meeting you can precisely demonstrate your product or conduct negotiations. We offer ready-to-use tool you can easily put on any webpage as a link or patterned code you can build in internet webpage and content management application.
VidCom.pl videoconferencing
System VidCom.pl – professional system for videoconferecing online. This is an advanced tool for providing and organizing conferences or internet meetings. Becuase of expanded functionality this tool is perfect for business appliance, conducing conferences, trainings or discussions online. This system is based on software solution thus there is no need to buy any spiecial additional equipment.
e-VideoShop is a great tool to talk with your customers directly from the webpage. Online shop where salesman can directly talk with customers is real rarity minimizing distance between real and internet world. Be first, outdistance the others/outstrip the competition! Put our e-VideoSklep on your auction or internet shop and take the customers from your competitors.
e-VideoConsultant is a dedicated version of videocommunication system and allows to run videochats direct from webpage. Videochats are the newest form of virtual customer care support and can really help to overtake new customers as well as grow attachment of curent customers. It is also a serious source of revenue.
Thanks to this solution, built by a Polish company, you can expand your offer with new online service.

e-VideoConsultant allows to put private or public videochats (with bigger number of users at the same time) on your webpages. We offer ready to use solution as a pattern code you can easily integrate with your webpage. The videocommunication window can be colouristically adjusted to the rest of the webpage.

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